Meeting Archive

Meeting Archive

#1 – University of Birmingham | March 27th 2017

‘A True Magic Chamber’: The Public Face of the Modernist Bookshop – Andrew Thacker, Modernist Cultures

“Cosmopolitan Sympathies”: Poetry of the First Global War – Jahan Ramazani, Modernism/Modernity

Chairs: Rachel Eames (University of Birmingham) and Sean Richardson (Nottingham Trent)

#2 – Nottingham Trent University | 05th June 2017

Modernism and the Medicalization of Sunlight: D. H. Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield, and the Sun Cure – Kirsty Martin, Modernism/Modernity

Early Radio Listening as Modernist Practice: Ambient Radio and the Aesthetic of Distraction – Shawn VanCour, Modernist Cultures

Chairs: Hannah Comer (University of Birmingham) and Rhiannon Cogbill (University of Birmingham)


 #3 – University of Loughborough | 17th July 2017

Metamodernism: Narratives of Continuity and Revolution – David James and Urmila Seshagiri, PMLA

‘Let’s Be Alone Together’: Bryher’s and Marianne Moore’s Aesthetic-Erotic Collaboration
– Susan McCabe, Modernism/Modernity

Chairs: Elizabeth O’Connor (University of Birmingham) and Bret Johnson (Loughborough University)


#4 – University of Birmingham | 14th August 2017

‘The pilot’s periplus’: Ezra Pound, Cyril Connolly, and the Forms of Late Modernist Travel – Annabel Williams, Modernist Cultures

Selected Book Reviews

Chairs: Rachel Eames (University of Birmingham) and Sean Richardson (Nottingham Trent)


#5 – University of Birmingham| 18th September

Special Session: Work in Progress feedback session.


#6 – University of Birmingham | 23rd October

Special Session: Welcome for new members.
Chairs: Hannah Comer (Birmingham) and Elizabeth O’Connor (Birmingham)


#7 – University of Birmingham | 20th November

‘Purging the Birdcage: The Dissolution of Space in Mina Loy’s Poetry’ – Jacinta Kelly, Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies

‘Facing Life as We Have Known It: Virginia Woolf and the Women’s Co-operative Guild’ – Alice Wood, Literature & History

Chairs: Rachel Eames (University of Birmingham) and Sean Richardson (Nottingham Trent)


#8 – University of Birmingham | 18th December

An Essay in Aesthetics – Roger Fry, New Quarterly

Woolf ’s Cesspoolage: On Waste and Resignation – Sarah Crangle, The Cambridge Quarterly

Chairs: Matilda Blackwell (Birmingham) and Matthew Holliday (Nottingham)